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Pickle Parlour X Scho

Client:  Collaboration with Pickle Parlour

Brief:  AW19/20 Collection

Pickle Parlour is an independent fashion company with a fast-growing social media following.  Under my own brand, Scho Studio, I created the brand identity for Pickle Parlour

and its illustration of the central character, Pickle in the Martini Glass.  I felt this encompassed their brand ethos of having fun and expressing yourself. 

For the second Pickle Parlour collection, the theme we explored was eighties-vintage,

winter-sports wear.  We wanted the collection to be bright, bold and most importantly fun. 


The eighties-inspired geometric repeat pattern above was initially intended as a tote bag accessory to accompany the illustrated garments, we then graffiti-ed the design on a wall

in Deptford to use as a backdrop for the campaign photoshoot to create the social media content and advertising videos.   



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