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For the third collaboration with Pickle Parlour, I kept the t-shirt graphics simple and minimalist, focusing on the front pocket logo and a simple disco ball graphic at the back.  I continued the Pickle character, however this time placing it on the tote bag.

I created a "stay-cation" concept for the campaign photoshoot, for which I photographed, filmed and edited.  The final film was edited into multiple videos intended for Instagram Reels feature.  The aspect-ratio was also intended for smart phone use opposed to traditional film ratio.

Earlier this year we were approached by Atika to supply a concession stand in their Shoreditch based store.  In our first month we sold more than half the supplied stock.  We are now also stocked in Neighbourhood Store, Shoreham.


Pickle Parlour is an independent fashion brand with a fast-growing social media following.  Under my own brand name, Scho Studio, I created the original illustration of a Pickle in the Martini Glass as I felt this encompassed their ethos of having fun and expressing yourself.  See more.



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