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Pickle Parlour X Scho

Client:  Pickle Parlour

Brief:  Ongoing collaboration since 2018

Pickle Parlour is an independent fashion company with a fast-growing social media following.  Under my own brand, Scho Studio, I created the brand identity for

Pickle Parlour and its illustration of the central character, Pickle in the Martini Glass.  I felt this encompassed their brand ethos of having fun and expressing yourself. 

This playful pickle character has now expanded to encompass other scenarios

and characteristics dependent on new season or social media content ideas, including the Snowboarding Pickle from AW19, the Ice Cream Pickle from SS20

and a bespoke Pickled Lilly design for Pickle Parlour's co-founder, Lilly.

Below is a GIF showing all the printed garments to date, with original backgrounds designed by me.



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